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Our Owners

Rural Development Partners is owned by Ag Ventures Alliance Cooperative (AgVA) and Ag Ventures Development (AgVD) , a Not for Profit Corporation.  AgVA and AgVD elect the RDP Board of Directors.  RDP management fees, not utilized in the allocation of the NMTC program’s tax credits, is distributed to AgVA and AgVD to be used primarily for the creation and expansion of agricultural business ventures.

Ag Ventures Alliance (majority owner)  http://www.agventuresalliance.com/

Ag Ventures Alliance (AgVA) is a business development organization for value-added agricultural ventures.  AgVA was formed to increase the incomes of farmers and other rural residents by participating in agriculture businesses in the agriculture supply chain (outside of farming).  Located in Mason City, Iowa, it was formed in 1998 by a group of farmers and individuals involved in agriculture from across northern Iowa.  AgVA will accomplish its purpose by creating new value-added agriculture businesses and helping existing value-added businesses expand.

Ag Ventures Development (minority owner)

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